W8000-502 Oh! Trendy White Sand Hourglass - Large

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Oh! Trendy White Sand Hourglass - Large W8000-502

This modern white-sand hourglass in an imitation polished-brass stand makes a classy, smart addition to any office, study, or living room. It's right at home in both modern and traditional decor with clean lines and an old-world vibe with a modern flare. Available in three different sizes and times; Small - 15 minutes, Medium - 30 minutes, Large - 60 minutes. This one of a kind egg timer has is filled with beautiful white sand to add that extra touch to your modern home decor collection. Both modern and functional, this hourglass sand timer can be inverted to restart your time. Elegant enough to fit in any space in your home combined with the therapeutic nature of this hourglass, brings together a beautiful work of art to update any modern home decor.

  • SKU: W8000-502
  • Manufacturer: Oh! Trendy
  • Category: Hourglass
  • Features:
    • Home/Office Decor: Use the hourglass at a spot in your office or in your home as a modern decor piece. This sand timer is unique enough to catch your eye, yet subtle enough to be the perfect decor accent.
    • Beauty: The beautiful, clean lines of the sand timer decor piece show the detail and attention to craftsmanship that goes into every globe that we make.
    • Sleek: These hourglass home decor pieces add a natural and sleek, yet clean touch to any modern home or office decor.
    • Quality Materials: Our modern and traditional hourglasses are constructed from high quality metal, glass, and white sand materials. This material ensures the hourglass home decor pieces - at 1.2lbs - can stand firm wherever you place them.
    • Size: 6.69L x 6.69W x 12.2H (Lg) 3.4lbs