W800-14B Oh! Trendy Guitar Coin Bank - Maple

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Oh! Trendy Guitar Coin Bank - Maple W800-14B

A fun play on a classic design - this guitar piggy bank/coin bank is based on the classic Stratocaster design, with a curved neck to evoke music in action. It's maple or cherry wood finish and silver pickguard accents make it a light, attention-catching addition to any musician or music lover's home or office decor. Our Oh! Trendycoin banks are great as a modern piggy bank for young kids or as the perfect home decor coin keeper or coin collection box! Keep your valuable coin collection in a unique home decor box that sits perfectly in any room in your home. Your valuables will always be safe while in the coin bank because of the solid polyresin material they are cast in. When you want to retrieve any coins, just flip over the coin holder and unscrew the cap.

  • SKU: W800-14B
  • Manufacturer: Oh! Trendy
  • Category: Coin Holders
  • Features:
    • Home/Office Decor: Use the coin holder on a desk in your office, or as the centerpiece on your coffee table. These coin banks make a fantastic addition to any setting, depending on your taste
    • Functionality: Use your coin bank to store your coin collection, save notes, or as a terrific accent piece with other home decor.
    • Music Lovers: The musical instrument coin banks are the perfect gift for any musician or music lover, as well as a great addition to a music room, game room, or dining room.
    • Quality Materials: Our strong coin holders are constructed from high-quality, solid polyresin materials. This material ensures coin bank can hold all of your valuables safely and securely.
    • Size: 5.2L x 4.21W x 12.52H
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