CWI Gifts GB20242 Shoutout To The Friends Bms Pint Jar Candle

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CWI Gifts Shoutout To The Friends Bms Pint Jar Candle GB20242

Shoutout to the Friends BMS Pint Jar Candle is crafted in the USA and features the sweet scent of sugary maple syrup and warm butter. This 12-ounce jar candle is made with clean burning paraffin wax and it has one lead-free wick for an even burn. It has a black metal scent-lock lid and its label reads, "shoutout to the friends that became family" in white text. Candle has an estimated burn time of 60-75 hours.
To ensure that your candles reach you damage free, jar candles must be ordered in multiples of 12 of the same size (oz). You can mix and match scents as needed.

  • SKU : GB20242
  • Manufacturer : CWI
  • Primary Category : Crossroads Pint Candles
  • UPC : 809678202422
  • Specifications :
    • UPC - 809678202422
    • Weight - 1.44 lbs.
    • Height - 5.00 in.
    • Width - 3.00 in.
    • Length - 3.00 in.
    • Country of Origin - United States of America
  • Features :
    • Made in the USA
    • Buttery maple scent
    • One lead-free wick
    • "Shoutout..."
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