AFBK-SAHARA Sahara Fire Bowl Kit

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Sahara Fire Bowl Kit - AFBK-SAHARA

The sands of the Sahara are truly an enigma of nature, stunningly beautiful to gaze upon, yet deadly for the unfamiliar traveller who dares venture through them. But, your customers have nothing to fear while enjoying the warm flames produced by our Sahara fire bowl kit!

Reminiscent of the golden desert sands of Arabia, our exquisitely designed Sahara fire bowl kits with glass finish are sure to bring some warmth and charm to any get-together. The latest in American Fireglass' impressive product line, these exquisite fire bowls allow your customers to set up a delightful outdoor fire even if they don't own a fire pit. To add a little more enchantment to the affair, they may want to add some of our dazzling fire glass to the display! Each fire bowl has been tested for heat resistance and durability to ensure it will sustain no damage when exposed to high temperatures and harsh weather.

Our Sahara fire bowl kit comes complete with all the fittings necessary to light up an amazing fire, including: 12" stainless steel fire ring, quiet-flex gas line and other accessories. Installation is easy!

Presently available in match light ignition only!

  • Manufacturer: American Fireglass
  • Collection: Fire Bowl Kits
  • Category: Diy Fire Kits
  • Weigth: 28 Lbs
  • Features:
    • Sahara Fire Bowl
    • 12" Stainless Steel Double Ring Burner
    • Quiet-Flex Gas Line
    • Safety Shut-Off Valve (3/8" Flare X 1/2" F.I.P.)
    • Gad Fitting (3/8" Flare X 1/2" F.I.P.
Item Type:
Fireplace Accessories