501FT044P2W Perpetual Twins Ivory - White Coffee Table

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Perpetual Twins Ivory - White Coffee Table 501FT044P2W

Handmade Lightweight Concrete. The Perpetual Collection Is The Beautifully-Designed Constant In Your Life. Indoors Or Outdoors, Amidst A Crisp Garden Or On A City Rooftop, These Hand-Made, Lightweight Concrete Tables Suit Every Occasion. The Designer'S Innovative Approach To Soften The Appearance Of Concrete With Natural Sands And Hemp-Like Grass Creates A Sophisticated, Personalized Aesthetic Where No Two Tables Are The Same.

  • Sku: 501FT044P2W
  • Manufacturer: Seasonal Living
  • Category: Furniture
  • Color: Ivory White
  • Weight: 301 Lbs
  • Dimensions: (Overall) 59W x 39D x 9H
  • Features:
    • Detailed Dimensions
    • Product Ships In 2 Boxes (Max Top/Base And Mini Top/Base) And Requires Simple Hand Assembly
    • Table Apron Height: 4 Inch, 10 Cm
    • Standard (Inch/Lbs)
    • Overall Net: 59W X 39D X 9H
    • Large Net: 39W X 39D X 9H, Small Net: 39W X 20D X 9H
    • Large Top Net: 39W X 39D X 6H, Large Top Gross: 44W X 44D X 12.5H
    • Large Base Net: 24W X 24D X 9H, Large Base Gross: 28W X 28D X 13H
    • Small Top Net: 39W X 20D X 6H, Small Top Gross: 44W X 24D X 11H
    • Small Base Net: 24W X 8D X 9H, Small Base Gross: 28W X 12.5D X 13H
    • Weight:
    • Overall Net: 301
    • Large Top Net: 141, Large Base Net: 53
    • Small Top Net: 79, Small Base Net: 29
    • Large Gross: 242, Small Gross: 143
    • Estimated Packed CBF:
    • Large 6.86, Small 2.77
    • Metric (Cm/Kg)
    • Overall Net: 150W X 100D X 24H
    • Large Net: 100W X 100D X 24H, Small Net: 100W X 50D X 24H
    • Large Top Net: 100W X 100D X 15H, Large Top Gross: 112W X 112D X 32H
    • Large Base Net: 60W X 20D X 22H, Large Base Gross: 72W X 72D X 34H
    • Small Top Net: 100W X 50D X 15H, Small Top Gross: 112W X 62D X 28H
    • Small Base Net: 60W X 20D X 22H, Small Base Gross: 72W X 32D X 34H
    • Weight:
    • Overall Net: 137
    • Large Top Net: 64, Large Base Net: 24
    • Small Top Net: 36, Small Base Net: 13
    • Large Gross: 110, Small Gross: 65
    • Estimated Packed CBM:
    • Large 0.19, Small 0.08
    • Country Of Manufacture: Vietnam
Item Type:
Cocktail Table