P058 Open Display Case for Medium Size Ship by Old Modern Handicrafts

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Open Display Case for Medium Size Ship P058 by Old Modern Handicrafts

This beautiful display case was made out of hard wood and painted in dark mahogany color. It has distinctive designs that add elegance and beauty when displayed in your home or office. It is 100% fully assembled and comes with plexiglass panels on all sides. It features an easy access door or panel to move your ship in and out from the display case. It is used to display all mid-size tall ship 28" such as HMS Victory Mid-size and USS Constitution Mid-size. This case is very effective when it comes to preventing dust particles as well as keeping your valuable tall ship looking new and protected at all time. It is a must have for model ship enthusiasts or passionate collectors. This display case is packaged securely with thick foam layers inside a wooden crate and ship safely via FedEx. The maximum inside dimension is L: 32.5 x W: 12 x H: 29 inches.

  • SKU: P058
  • Manufacturer: Old Modern Handicrafts
  • Category: Display Case
  • UPC: 640901135953
  • Ship Via: FedEx
  • Dimensions: 14W x 35L x 30H Inches, Weight: 28 Lbs
  • Carton Dimensions: 18W x 40L x 34H Inches, Weight: 52 Lbs
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