Green Jade Drum Calligraphy Brush CB032-G

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Green Jade Drum Calligraphy Brush CB032-G By Legend Of Asia

High fire porcelain, 100% hand shaped, hand painted. Square shape is never perfect. Distress, chips and other imperfections create great characters of this special vintage style porcelain temple jar. From a small town Jingdezhen in the southern part of China, where ceramic and porcelain were originated 5000 years ago. It is known as the capital of ceramics.

  • SKU : CB032-G
  • Manufacturer : Legend Of Asia
  • Color : Green
  • Gross Weight : 1
  • Product Dimension : 12 W x 1 D x 1 H Inches
  • Package Dimension : 18x6x4
  • Warranty Information : Each piece was handcrafted by skill and joy. Imperfection is part of the characters. Minor variation of color/shape/size is normal for hand-made product, it is not considered as manufacturing defect.
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