AJ009 Decorative Ah-1G Cobra 1:16 Helicopter by Old Modern Handicrafts

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Decorative Ah-1G Cobra 1:16 Helicopter Aj009 By Old Modern Handicrafts

Fly back in time with this iconic 1960 Bell AH-1 Cobra, the backbone of the United States Army attack helicopter. Handcrafted in iron with a scale of 1:16. This AH-1 Cobra model comes with remarkable details such as rotor mast, rotor blade, tail rotor, landing skids, and cockpit. A must have for the collector and enthusiast! 100% iron frame. Metal wheels. Metal propellers. Propellers spin. Decaled insignia. Landing gear and missiles are securely welded on. Includes seats.

  • SKU: AJ009
  • Manufacturer: Old Modern Handicrafts
  • Category: Nautical
  • UPC: 640901135083
  • Ship Via: FedEx
  • Dimensions: 12W x 14L x 5H Inches, Weight: 1 Lbs
  • Carton Dimensions: 6W x 16L x 6H Inches, Weight: 2 Lbs
  • History: The Bell AH-1 Cobra (company designation: Model 209) is a two-blade, single engine attack helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. It was developed using the engine, transmission and rotor system of the Bells UH-1 Iroquois. The AH-1 is also referred to as the Huey Cobra or Snake. The AH-1 was the backbone of the United States Armys attack helicopter fleet, but has been replaced by the AH-64 Apache in Army service. Upgraded versions continue to fly with the militaries of several other nations. The AH-1 twin engine versions remain in service with United States Marine Corps (USMC) as the services primary attack helicopter. Surplus AH-1 helicopters have been converted for fighting forest fires. The United States Forest Service refers to their program as the Firewatch Cobra. Garlick Helicopters also converts surplus AH-1s for forest firefighting under the name, FireSnake.