G2120R Block Science Foundation Set C by Guidecraft

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Block Science Foundation Set C G2120R by Guidecraft

Block Science and its pioneering extension of the unit blocks system adds a rich layer of cognitive development to traditional classroom block play. Block Science Foundation Sets enhance and expand on traditional block play by encouraging early engineering concepts, collaboration, spatial thinking, problem solving, and STEM skills. Plastic building and roadway clips stabilize builds, bridges, and loops while little cars carrying algebraic people inspire hours of collaborative, educational play. Ideal for two to three groups of builders. Age 3+

  • SKU: G2120R
  • Manufacturer: Guidecraft
  • Brand: Block Science
  • UPC: 716243021206
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Shipping Weight: 41 Lbs
  • Age: 3+
  • Piece: 155
  • Size: Various
  • Features:
    • Block Science Foundation Set C Contains 155 Pieces Total: 16 Roadway Curves, 8 Roadway Units, 8 Roadway Ramps, 8 Roadway Double Unit, 2 Roadway Quad Units, 6 Exit/Entrance Ramps, 2 Roadway Switcher A, 2 Roadway Switcher B, 1 4 Way Intersection, 4 Cars, 12 Wheel Clips, 6 Hinge Clips, 20 Block Clips, 6 Rope Hitches, 46 Roadway Clips, 3 Adults And 5 Children
    • Composed Of Smooth Sanded Beech Wood And Rubberwood Pieces And Over-Molded Enhance And Expand On Traditional Block Play
    • Smooth Sanded Beech Wood Roadways Connect With Plastic Roadway Clips
    • Over-Molded Plastic Building Clips Create Stable Builds And Fit Standard Unit Blocks
    • Algebraic People Have Symbols For Math Activities Or Differentiation During Dramatic Play
    • Introduction Of Drawbridge, Intersection, And Roadway Switch Pieces Encourage Complex Building And Play
    • Develop Fine Motor Skills, Early Engineering Concepts, Teamwork, Collaboration, Spatial Thinking, Problem Solving, And Stem Concepts
    • Requires Standard Unit Blocks For Proper Building Experience
    • Ideal For Two To Three Groups Of Builders
    • Unit Block Set C By Guidecraft Corresponds With Foundation Set C
    • Age 3+
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