BTQ0100 Adjustable Prep Pro Food Cutter with 2 Knife Set by BeThinq

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Adjustable Prep Pro Food Cutter With 2 Knife Set Btq0100 By Bethinq

From chicken breast, to bagels and grapes - the Adjustable Prep Pro is made for efficiency. Gripping spikes secure the food, rubber feet guarantee a steady cut, and an adjustable knob sets your knife to the ideal height. Get perfect proportions every single time. Comes with two knives - one serrated and one slicing. The serrated knife is great for cutting cleanly through crunchy baguettes, bagels and any other bread. And when you need to slice through tender meat or crisp veggies - our smooth blade on the slicing knife is all you need.

  • SKU: BTQ0100
  • Manufacturer: BeThinq
  • Category: Cooking Essentials
  • UPC Code: 861671000221
  • Box Dimensions: 7.5W x 5.5L x 17.75H, Weight: 3.5Lbs
  • Features:
    • CUTS ALMOST ANYTHING - This unique food cutter has a large compartment that holds your food while you cut horizontally through it with your knife. Cut small and difficult to slice foods easily and safely like bagels, cherry tomatoes, grapes and slippery chicken filets.
    • SAVES TIME ON FOOD PREP - No more cutting food one piece at a time. Pack the cutter full of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or meat, and watch the magic. Food is held in place with tiny gripping spikes while you slide your knife horizontally across the chamber.
    • SAFETY IN MIND - Your fingers never come in to contact with your knife. Cutter is designed with 2 ergonomic handles on top to keep your hands and fingers safely away from your knife's blade. Food cutter is great for people who have difficulty chopping or slicing food.
    • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Cutter has different thickness settings that allows your knife glide through your food easily. Slice thicker foods like chicken breast or smaller thinner items like grapes. No matter what you are cutting, you'll get the perfect sized slice every time.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - Food slicer eliminates the need for a cutting board which can become a sticky mess. Cutter opens fully for easy washing, just clean with dish soap and water. It's also dishwasher safe, just toss it in and you're done.
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