Privacy Filter Black 5535897 By 3M

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3M Privacy Filter Black

Darkening privacy filter is designed for 12.5" wide-screen laptops to provide worry-free privacy wherever you work. Advanced microreplication technology creates an excellent viewing experience on your high-resolution display. Incredibly slim privacy filter offers amazing screen clarity and advanced visual privacy protection. Whether you're working in an open office floor plan, on a plane, on a train or at a coffee shop, viewers from either side of your laptop will see a darkened screen, helping keep your information secure and out of sight. Privacy filter also protects your display from elements such as debris, dirt and scratches as well as help minimize screen glare, fingerprints and reflections for an enhanced viewing experience. Lightweight, thin, frameless design reduces 35 percent of blue light transmission from the display. Attaching, removing and reattaching are simple and easy. Aspect ratio is 16:9.

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    3M Privacy Filter Black
  • Feature:
    • Microlouver technology delivers world-class effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
    • Includes COMPLYa„¢ Attachment System to quickly and easily switch from world-class privacy to screen sharing with one simple flip
    • Reversible between a glossy side and glare-reducing matte
    • Reduces 35% of blue light transmission from the display
    • COMPLYa„¢ Attachment System uses a proprietary hinge design to withstand the rigors of daily use
    • Helps reduce reflections so you see your screen clearly with pristine image clarity
    • Matte surface helps reduce glare and hide fingerprints
    • Designed with advanced microlouver technology, creating an excellent high-resolution viewing experience
    • Designed to seamlessly fit within the raised bezel of your device
    • Easy to attach, remove and clean
    • Gives screens an added layer of durable protection from dust and scratches
    • 100% hand inspected for quality assurance