Powerware 9390 Ups 4958215 By Eaton

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Powerware 9390 Ups

The energy-efficient Eaton 9390 UPS provides backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for mid-size data centers, medical equipment and other critical systems. With the groundbreaking Energy Saver System, the 9390 operates at 99% UPS efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years-without sacrificing reliability.

    Powerware 9390 Ups
  • Feature:
    • Delivers 99% efficiency without sacrificing reliability using Energy Saver System
    • Provides stronger power performance with optimum generator sizing, PFC power supply compatibility, and via lowest THD that enhances compatibility with upstream power systems
    • Offers the highest reliability and availability with Powerware Hot Sync paralleling, superior battery management, inherent redundancy and a scalable architecture that adapts to increasing power requirements
    • Delivers robust manageability with superior control and connectivity and with a superior service offering
    • Works with the Intelligent Power Software Suite, which offers free monitoring, management and shutdown software ideal for protecting physical and virtual machines
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