Brybelly TCON-08 42-Piece Bulk Track Pack

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42-Piece Bulk Track Pack TCON-08 By Brybelly

Forty-two assorted pieces of track train: splitters, bumpers, ramps and crosses. When you've got enough track, the only limit is your imagination. A wholesome source of early exploration and a launchpad for curious minds, no play room is complete without a train set. It's a quintessential childhood classic, time-tested and proven generation after generation. Lay your solid wood tracks, join them up with simple pegs. Feel the gentle texture, breathe in that unmistakable earthy scent, and start exploring.

Why You'll Love It:

This 42-piece booster track pack lets you add your own personal flair to pre-built train sets. Between the 3-way track splitters, the x cross track, the ramps and bumpers, the hill and the tall brick tunnel, there's all sorts of fun track extensions unique to this set that will let your child build all kinds of new train tracks. Fits all major wooden train brands, and is cut from solid wood, never plywood or MDF.

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