Brybelly MPAR-006 Super Moustachio Bros.

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Super Moustachio Bros. MPAR-006 By Brybelly


Fraternal twins Milton and Miles Moustachio were born two minutes apart during the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Milton was first born at 12:59 AM, the clocks moved back the next minute, and Miles officially arrived at 12:01 AM. As the techincal 'younger' brother, when the twins played video games, Milton was doomed by mere fluke of happenstance to a childhood as Player 2. Despite a childhood of bickering the twins found common ground in their love of timeless, iconic video game mustaches. You are now bearing witness to their first collaboration: Super Moustachio Bros. is the definitive collection of digital dusters worn by the greatest heroes and villains in video game history. From the screen to your face, just peel 'em off and stick 'em on!

Why You'll Love It

Set includes a 10 pack of unique, stick on and removeable moustaches inspired by some of video gaming's most iconic characters. This is a fantastic gift for parties or the final touch to complete that rad video game costume!

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