Brybelly ASTR-004 Red Leather Folding Pet Stairs

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Red Leather Folding Pet Stairs ASTR-004 By Brybelly

Couches and beds are the perfect size for pet owners, but not always the perfect size for their pets. Not to mention, jumping up on furniture to sit with you can be seriously damaging to aging dogs’ knees and hips. So if your furniture is too tall for your furry member of the family, throw them a bone with Smooth Steps! Our pet stairs are wide and deep with a shallow 9" height, which is perfect for small pups with short legs and larger, aging dogs with joint problems.

Smooth Steps are wrapped in a soft layer of luxurious, elegant leather that complements all sorts of home décor, but beneath the plush surface is a tough, dense open cell foam that provides consistent, dependable strength and support to dogs of all sizes. The ultra-lightweight foam makes for easy repositioning and storage when not in use. The bottom is covered in grippy beads for extra stability and security, and the leather covers can be removed for easy cleaning.

Best of all, Smooth Steps are stackable! Buy a second one to increase the overall height to 13.5" for an extra boost.

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