Brybelly AMUZ-001 Xxs Nylon Dog Muzzle

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Xxs Nylon Dog Muzzle AMUZ-001 By Brybelly

Weebo Pets Breathable Nylon Cloth Safety Muzzle

Comfortable sheath-style cloth safety muzzle designed to fit average-snouted dogs. Stop biting and nipping, discourage barking. Perfect for trips to the groomer, vet, and other public excursions for aggressive, rambunctious, or anxious dogs

Why You'll Love It: Durable, breathable, and washable nylon fabric with a quick-release buckle and adjustable neck strap. Soft, padded chafe-free piping protects your dog's tender nose!

When should I use a muzzle?

If you have a dog that is likely to bite or bark in stressful social situations like vet or grooming trips, a muzzle can be a great training tool. However, you should not use a muzzle to simply 'fix' aggression. Your dog must be taught to be comfortable and relaxed while wearing the muzzle first, then introduce it in social, stressful situations as a tool to help your dog relax.

For how long should I use a muzzle?

An ideal amount of time wearing a sheath-style cloth muzzle is no longer than 20 minutes. Slide it on prior to entering a potentially stressful situation, and remove it once it has passed. If you require a more permanent muzzle, consider leather strap or metal basket muzzles. Never leave the muzzle on while your dog is unattended, and never use the muzzle in place of training to stop destructive chewing.

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