Brybelly AGAT-001 Heavy Duty Easy Open Walk-Thru Safety Gate

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Heavy Duty Easy Open Walk-Thru Safety Gate AGAT-001 By Brybelly

If you need to keep a little one corralled, whether that's your rambunctious pet or rambunctious toddler, safety gates have always been a quick and simple way to make life a little less hectic. But they aren't always convenient. Stepping over a gate can be cumbersome, and temporarily taking a gate down to sneak past takes a lot of extra time and effort. So why not get our heavy-duty, easy-open safety gate, and simply Walk-Thru?

Constructed with strong, durable steel, our Walk-Thru safety gate installs via pressure-mounting, which ensures a snug, secure fit every time. Out of the box, the gate appears to not latch, but as you tighten it during installation in your doorway or other opening, the pressure gently bends the gate into its proper shape, like magic. The result is a long-lasting, custom fit. Our Walk-Thru safety gate fits doors between 29 and 35 inches wide.

Once the gate is installed, it's easy to use. We've employed a child-safe double-locking mechanism, but an adult will find it accessible with a single hand! When you need to Walk-Thru, just press in the button on the locking mechanism, then slide it back, releasing the latch. If you need your gate to swing only one way, simply install the floor latch to one side or the other. See? Easy!

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