Brybelly ACLR-004 Small Pink Adjustable Reflective Collar

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Small Pink Adjustable Reflective Collar ACLR-004 By Brybelly

A dog collar is quite the hard-working accessory! It has to support the leash, hold the tags, stand up to use and abuse from claws, branches, and all sorts of outdoor stuff, and at the end of the day still has to look good. That's why, when we at Weebo Pets designed our collar, we married form and function. For example, this is a handsome-looking collar with hi-contrast accent threads for a little style--but those threads also happen to be reflective, lending vital visibility during the evening.

And, constructed with tough, long-lasting nylon webbing and secured with a heavy plastic buckle, this collar is also built to last. Designed to look good, and keep on looking good.

Easily adjusted to fit your dog's unique physique, we offer three collar sizes that fit necks from 10.5" all the way to 21.5". Small collars have a 5/8" width, medium collars a 3/4" width, and our large collars for the biggest breeds feature a chunky, full-inch width. A properly-fitted collar will leave room for two fingers between it and your dog's neck.

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