Lcd Display By Black Box

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Black Box Lcd Display

Display the data you need
The LCD sensor display plugs into any Alertwerks Hubs (EME161A, EME164A and EME168A) base unit and can be programmed to show the data from any Intelligent or virtual sensor. And, it can also be programmed to display data from specific sensors. Meaning the only data displayed is the data pertinent to keeping your mission-critical IT equipment safe.

Easy to read in harsh environments
No lights? No problem. The LCD display is high quality and backlit, making it easy to read in a variety of work environments.

Know when your system is failing
The display ensures you know when you need to take action to save your IT infrastructure. LED indicators will alert you if a sensor is in critical condition, as well as the on-screen display.

Clean, sturdy installation anywhere
Keyhole mounting means the display fits wherever you want without difficult installation.

    Black Box Lcd Display
  • Feature:
    • Displays sensor status Warning or Critical
    • Display's unit IP address when plugged in
    • Display up to (8) sensors in standard rotation list, configured via Alertwerks Hubs (EME161A, EME164A and EME168A) web interface with preview
    • Embedded temperature sensor.
    • Plugs into any Alertwerks Hubs (EME161A, EME164A and EME168A) base unit.
    • LED indicators and the on-screen display alert you if a sensor is in critical condition.
    • Easy-to-read, high quality, backlit LCD display ensures you can understand the display in any work environment.
    • Programmable LCD display of sensor values lets you know the health and status of your mission-critical IT infrastructure.
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