Black Box Contact Hub - (20) Dry Contacts, (1) Temperature Sensor, 8-Port 5QA056 By Black Box

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Black Box Contact Hub - (20) Dry Contacts, (1) Temperature Sensor, 8-Port 5QA056 By Black Box Corporation

  • Adaptable to a wide range of devices, such as UPSs, other remote monitoring systems, and building management systems.
  • Supports customized sensors for conditions like motion, gas, and sound.

The brains of your environmental monitoring system

The AlertWerks ServSensor Contact is the central hub of the AlertWerks environmental monitoring system. Connect it to your network, attach AlertWerks Intelligent Sensors and dry-contact sensors, and you're ready to remotely view the status of your data centers and other facilities. Check for temperature, humidity, and liquids. Know when server cabinet doors are open or closed and whether the cabinet is overheating. Use it for remote monitoring and management of a wide range of devices such as HVAC systems, security equipment, UPSs, generators, and industrial equipment.

Use the AlertWerks ServSensor Contact with equipment and devices that use dry contact outputs to send alarm signals. The hub comes with eight autosensing RJ-45 ports for connecting any of the AlertWerks Intelligent Sensors plus 20 additional 2-wire, dry-contact ports, and a temperature sensor. Dry-contact ports enable you to make your own dry-contact cables quickly and easily. A ServSensor Contact with 60 dry-contact ports and a temperature sensor (EME112A-60) is also available.

You can easily expand the number of dry-contact inputs up to 100 by using up to two optional external input modules with 40 dry contacts each. For details, call our FREE Tech Support. The ServSensor Contact is rackmountable on standard 19"" rails and includes rackmount ears.

A clever hub

The ServSensor Contact is smart. Its embedded Web server enables you to use a standard Web browser to view sensor status over any IP network—even the Internet. Check out the status of your data center from your office, from home, or from the road.

It's fully SNMP manageable, so you can integrate it easily into any SNMP-managed network and monitor it through standard SNMP software such as HP® OpenView®.

The built-in database maintains a time-stamped log of all events, so you can go back to see what happened and when it happened. The integrated data collection and graphing package is especially useful in spotting trends in security, detection of AC power line voltage, measurement of DC voltage, and control relays, and for providing historical information for analysis.

Active alarming

In addition to enabling you to passively monitor sensors, the AlertWerks ServSensor Contact actively alerts you when sensors exceed limits you determine. It can send alerts via SNMP or by e-mail.

Nice and easy

The ServSensor Contact installs in minutes. Simply assign an IP address and connect to the embedded Web server. Plug in any of our Intelligent Sensors or dry-contact sensors and the ServSensor's autosensing feature will recognize the type and automatically configure it.

Just call to get started

For help planning your complete AlertWerks environmental monitoring system, call our FREE Tech Support. Our experts can help you decide how many hubs and sensors you need to meet your monitoring needs.

  • Supports SNMP polling to allow sensor values to be collected and graphed
  • Includes SNMP MIB
  • Includes SNMP Utilities for setting and getting parameters
  • User-configurable sensor thresholds
  • Full SNMPv1 compliance
  • Supports up to 8 Intelligent Sensors
  • Embedded Web Server

  • SKU: 5QA056
  • Manufacturer: Black Box Corporation
  • Mpn: EME112A-20-R3
  • Category - 1: Environmental Devices
  • Category - 2: Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Dimensions: 17 W x 5.5 D x 1.8 H Inches, Weight: 3.3 Lbs
  • Product Model: Eme112A-20-R3
  • Height: 1.8"
  • Product Type: Environmental Monitoring System
  • Brand Name: Black Box
  • Manufacturer: Black Box Corporation
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