Access Fit 110" Electric Projection Screen By Draper

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Draper Access Fit 110" Electric Projection Screen

Several years ago, Draper introduced the Access line of projection screens as a breakthrough in screen design. It was born out of input from our customers.

Today the Access has been redesigned, again based on customer input. The improvements make the Access even easier to install.First, we have repackaged as many sizes as possible into a compact housing, less than 6" tall. Access FIT utilizes the same rugged components as larger Access screens, with a smaller footprint. It is engineered to fit into tight openings above the ceiling--places where you thought the screen would have to be exposed. Access FIT/Series E offers screen sizes through 120" wide. The Access FIT/Series E is a motorized screen for ceiling-recessed installation.

Case Now, Screen Later

You can install the case during the "dirty" phase of the construction process and keep the screen safe until you install the projector. The screen (motor-in-roller and attached viewing surface) installs in seconds with preset latching roller brackets and electrical pin connectors. This eliminates job site damage. Screens may be installed in cases up to 20" wider than the standard case lengths.

An Access case can be ordered and installed prior to final selection of size, type and format. If ordering a case in advance of the screen, the price of the case will be deducted when the screen is ordered. Specify case length at time of order.

Some optional controls, including LVC-IV may be built into the case. If you want built-in Low Voltage Motor, Quiet Motor or control options you must specify when ordering to assure compatibility with your screen.

    Draper Access Fit 110" Electric Projection Screen
  • Feature:
    • Redesigned bottom closure panel with new hinge system allows the closure panel to hang in place when opened, or it can be easily removed.
    • Adjustable or removable hoisting brackets are now included to allow for easy lifting during installation
    • Case dimensions 7-3/4"W x 5-11/16"H (19.7cm x 14.4cm) including flange. Mounting brackets are adjustable to facilitate installation.
    • White case standard, black available upon request
    • Extra drop above image area available upon request, (specify color, black is standard).
    • Custom sizes available
    • Quick connect wiring connections allows for installation of the case early and addition of the screen later
    • Built-in Quiet, Low Voltage and 220V options available
    • Plenum rated case (UL approved "Suitable for Use in Environmental Air Space")
    • Includes one 110-120V 3-position switch
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