Brybelly 4' Pink Medium Tension (12 Lb.) Exercise Resistance Band SRTB-002

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4' Pink Medium Tension (12 Lb.) Exercise Resistance Band SRTB-002 By Brybelly

Originally designed to aid in physical therapy and injury rehabilitation, resistance bands have become an indispensable element of work-out routines for gym rats and newbies alike. A safer, more controlled, but worthy alternative to traditional weights that provide resistance in a single direction, resistance bands are able to deliver up to 12 pounds of progressive resistance throughout the entire motion of every rep, working multiple muscle groups all at once.

These gym quality bands are latex-free, made of strong 100% rubber, and feature tough rubber sleeves that connect the bands to foam comfort handles and eliminate wear where it is needed most. Ideal for home gyms, the office, and great for travel, these bands are perfect for exercise, stretches, and promoting general wellness.

  • SKU: SRTB-002
  • Brand: Brybelly
  • UPC Code: 796520343047
  • Weight: .27811 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.00x6.00x3.00 in.
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