35Ft Hdmi Cable With Gripping Connectors By C2G

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C2G 35Ft Hdmi Cable With Gripping Connectors

This High Speed HDMI Cable With Gripping Connectors supports all HDMI 1.4 features and is the perfect solution for connecting multimedia source devices in home theater, desktop or commercial audio video applications requiring up to 4K resolutions. Ensure that your most critical equipment maintains signal with the gripping connectors which provide 3 times the port retention of a standard HDMI connector. The Ethernet capabilities of the cable allow a user to connect multiple Ethernet enabled HDMI devices through a single Ethernet connection. This fully-functional, digital video and audio cable is tested to perform at industry standards and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Note: Both the source device and display must support a HDMI feature in order to pass that feature through this cable

    C2G 35Ft Hdmi Cable With Gripping Connectors
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    • Offers intense audio and video compatibility
    • With HDMI, transfer high-quality pictures and 3D sound effects simultaneously at a high-speed
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