1 Pair 2B Maple Wood Drum Sticks With Bag MU10032 - (Pack Of 3)

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1 Pair 2B Maple Wood Drum Sticks With Bag MU10032 - (Pack Of 3)

This drum sticks are of medium thickness, length and weight, and can be used by both beginners and professional drummers.   Made of high quality maple wood, it is structurally durable and long lasting. The most important thing is that it uses a drop-shaped hammerhead design to make the sound rich, full and balanced. So it is suitable for different styles of music such as jazz, pop, rock and roll, to meet your different requirements and inspire your passion. A smooth surface without burrs does not hurt your hand. Comfortable grip reduces fatigue on your wrists and hands. And it comes with a black bag for easy storage and carrying.   This drum sticks are your best choice, don't hesitate to buy them!   Brand new and high quality Suitable for beginners, practitioners, professional drummers, band performers Suitable for different styles of music, such as jazz, pop, rock and light music Moderate length, thickness, and size, suitable for percussion instruments High quality maple wood, durable and does not bend, crack or twist Front-end drop-shaped design, makes the sound rich, full and balanced Smooth surface, round bottom, no burrs, no hand injury, easy to clean Comfortable grip reduces fatigue Equipped with a bag, easy to store and carry

Specification: Material: Maple Wood Color: Burlywood Type: 2B Net Weight: 0.25 Lbs Overall Dimension: 16" X 0.5" (L X W) Package Includes: 2 X Drum Stick 1 X Black Bag

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